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Want to Save at the Pump? Try Blending Fuel Pumps

Perhaps a break for consumer fuel prices Picture Credit: (Cole_H(Old Skool) Unity Biofuels plans to save consumers money with new blending fuel dispenser: Clean energy company Unity Biofuels has announced that it is developing self-blending ethanol fuel dispensers, to help blend ethanol with gasoline directly in the pump and thus help consumers to avoid the […]

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Destroy Rainforests to Grow Sugar Cane?

One Side of the Story NEW YORK (Reuters) – Primate scientist Jane Goodall said on Wednesday the race to grow crops for vehicle fuels is damaging rain forests in Asia, Africa and South America and adding to the emissions blamed for global warming. Picture Credit: (Irene Roxanne) “We’re cutting down forests now to grow sugarcane […]

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Is California loosing its Grip on Green?

California chemical ban bills are defeated. An avalanche of lobbying buried two bills in the Assembly on Monday that sought to ban controversial chemicals from fast food containers, microwave popcorn bags and baby bottles. From The measures, Senate Bill 1713 by Sen. Carole Migden, D-San Francisco, and Senate Bill 1313, by Sen. Ellen Corbett, […]

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How to Check Your Carbon Footprint

Would you like to measure your carbon footprint? Global Footprint Network has announced a new ecological footprint calculator. Currently there are calculators available for the U.S. and Australia, with more countries being added all the time. To use it, click on click here and then click one of the countries to help see how your […]

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The New Land Grab: American Foreclosures

Picture Credit: Krakow 81 Will Oil Rich Funds buy Foreclosed American Homes as OPEC Countries post highest profits in 2008? The Buying of America. Whether you realize it or not: There’s a new land grab starting in America. Foreign money, which up to now has focused its attention on investing in iconic commercial real estate […]

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