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Don’t Be Duped! U.S. Government lying about $700 Billion Bail Out?

Green but not Forgotten. Federal Government is Duping the American Taxpayer on the $700 Billion Bailout! Bail Out or Rescue? Picture Credit: BigBird3 New Definition of Affordable Housing? Taxpayers paying for people’s houses who’s inhabitants cannot make their house payments because they could not afford payments in the first place.! Our tax dollars are bieng […]

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Is U.S Going Broke or Is Cash Still King?

Picture Credit: Jabberer Little Interest in Green as Americans stay focused on the current U.S. financial crisis. Well, it seems there has been little headline news about global warming, green issues and green fuel alternatives this week as the financial crisis unwinds and the fallout has started. The “gang of 20” (a group of so-called […]

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I Don’t Like Ike

Hurricane Ike was only a category 2. If this storm had been a category 4 or 5, our oil refining industry probably would have been severely crippled or even destroyed. Oil is our Achilles heel and Mother Nature can smite us upon that heel anytime she feels like it and America will be devastated. This […]

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The Truth About Jatropha Curcas Biodiesel

(Piecing together the puzzle for Jatropha Curcas being a source for biodiesel) I just received an interesting report about using Jatropha bushes for biodiesel production titled: “Best Practices For Long-Term Jatropha Development., A Position paper by KnowGenix. Jatropha Curcas is being heavily planted for harvesting of it nuts to produce biodiesel. Jatropha has been the […]

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Attack of the Food Clones?

The FDA says that cloned food products may have entered the food chain. Check out this LINK, FDA says cloned meats and milk o.k. for consumption by consumers. EU not sure about safety of cloned animals. LINK WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Food and milk from the offspring of cloned animals may already have entered the U.S. […]

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Christmas in July for Alaska This Year

The coldest summer ever? You might be looking at it, weather folks say. Not in Georgia, or the lower U.S. states, but Alaska. Check out this article from the: Anchorage Daily News Anchorage Alaska, (photo credit: retro traveler) Right now the so-called summer of ’08 is on pace to produce the fewest days ever recorded […]

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