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We’re All Getting a Lump of Coal This Xmas

Picture Credit:Avotius EU Puts Brakes on Green Policies In the wake of the financial crisis, some EU member states are reassesing the union’s CO2 reduction goals. To prevent a complete economic meltdown and fianancial crisis from turning into economic calamity, the European Union has pulled the emergency brake on green policies. At last month’s EU […]

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Want to Save the Planet? Stop Flushing!

A Classic Australian Dunny, Picture Credit: MurfoMurf Are we all really doing our part to save the planet? Not according to Mr. Jack Sims, founder of the World Toilet Organisation at a recent World Toilet Summit in Australia as he said “the concept of flushing is not sustainable.” Mr Sims also said “a culture where […]

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Jatropha Curcas Seeds Can Kill

Jatropha Toxica, Picture Credit: Laaboratorioen Movimieto As important as Jatropha Curcas oil has become as a biodiesel fuel, the plantations that are growing and developing Jatropha will have to have a safety protocol for Jatropha nuts and seeds. The one draw back or negative characteristic for Jatropha Curcas is the seeds are poisonous. Unfortunately, deaths […]

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Dangerous Dairy from China

Got Melamine? Picture Credit:fear_a_gnome Chinese Food Products (Containing Chinese Milk) and Chinese Milk Products Banned by FDA from Entering the U.S. China must not think much of its trading partners as the U.S. purchases billions of dollars per year of Chinese goods and food products. Imported foods containing Chinese milk products are hazardous to our […]

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Top Ethanol Producer Bailout? Seriously?

Last week, VeraSun, the #2 producer of ethanol in the U.S., filed for bankruptcy.  You would think they would shut the doors and end up selling their assets.  This won’t be the case thanks to the millions of dollars North Dakota citizens have paid in special incentives and taxes for VeraSun. From the North Dakota […]

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Has the Ethanol Boom Run Out of Gas?

VeraSun files for bankruptcy! News Flash: VeraSun, one of the largest ethanol producers announces filing for bankruptcy protection. From the Los Angles Times: VeraSun Energy Corp., the second-largest U.S. ethanol producer, filed for bankruptcy protection after making bad hedging bets on corn, a raw material used to make the fuel. The petition for Chapter 11 […]

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