Want to Save at the Pump? Try Blending Fuel Pumps


Perhaps a break for consumer fuel prices

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Unity Biofuels plans to save consumers money with new blending fuel dispenser:
Clean energy company Unity Biofuels has announced that it is developing self-blending ethanol fuel dispensers, to help blend ethanol with gasoline directly in the pump and thus help consumers to avoid the associated blending fee, according to PetrolWorld.

Fuel subsidy to be passed on to consumer to reduce fuel prices:

According to Mr Jason Egli of Unity Biofuels, “Since the oil companies will not be pre-blending fuel for these pumps, Unity Biofuels will be getting the blenders credit, which will actually go back to the consumers and lower the prices on the E20 and higher blends. The company is seeking to use the credit to ensure that the customer ends up paying lower prices at the pump”.

Check out the rest of the story from Red Orbit.

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4 Responses to Want to Save at the Pump? Try Blending Fuel Pumps

  1. SteamboatEcoBroker August 30, 2008 at 5:28 pm #

    Sounds great. Would love to see it at the pumps in Steamboat Springs, CO. Being remote, our prices are always $.20 – .50/gallon higher than Denver.


  2. Gary Schwendiman October 15, 2008 at 7:59 pm #

    Blending at the pump is the next step in revolutionizing the ethanol industry. There are now 900 million cars and trucks in the world. In 20 years, there will be 1.6 billion cars and trucks in the world.

    The world now produces 400 billion gallons of gasoline. Since the world is at or near peak oil production, more than 400 billion gallons will never be produced. The 1.6 billion cars will require 700 billion gallons of gasoline. There will only be 400 billion gallons of gasoline. The other 300 billion gallons of fuel for cars and trucks must come from ethanol.

    The world now produces only 20 billion gallons of ethanol. In the next 20 years, the world will need an additional 280 billion gallons of ethanol. There are no fuels other than oil derivatives and ethanol than can fuel internal combustion engines. There is no practical replacement for the internal combustion engine. Electric cars will be very small. Hydrogen fuel cells cars will be cost effective when gasoline is $22 per gallon. Hybrids and plug in hybrids all have internal combustion engines. India is building a new $2500 car with an internal combustion engine. There are 300 million people in India who can afford this car. China will be the largest producers of cars and trucks in the world in 10 years. All of the cars and trucks being produced in China have internal combustion engines.

    Unless the world has sufficient fuel to power the necessary cars and trucks to move goods and people, the world will fall into an unecessary recession or worse. The only thing that will prevent this world wide recession is the production of an addtional 280 billions of gallons of ethanol.

    The new ICM “Fuel and Food” technology solves the debate on food vs. fuel. The debate now is on ethanol vs. recession. Unless the U. S. dramatically increases the amount of ethanol produced, the U. S. will become even more subject to the political power of the OPEC countries. The OPEC countries control over 70% of the oil in the world. The U. S., even if all offshore oil and ANWAR oil could be produced, controls less than 5% of the oil in the world. The U. S. uses 25% of the oil in the world.

    If a person doesn’t use his or her influence to increase the amount of ethanol produced in the U. S., that person is by default voting for a world recession.

    Gary Schwendiman, Ph.D,
    Dean Emeritus,
    College of Business Administration
    University of Nebraska
    Chairman Emeritus
    Ethanol Capital Management LLC

  3. harold bennett March 8, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    If ethanol added to gas cuts down your mileage; 2 to3 miles per gal.How does it help us to consume use less petroleum , It takes more of it go a certain distance, which defeats it,s purpose.All it did was help the corn farmers and raise the cost of liveing for everyone.


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