Whoa, California Uses More Gas than China?


Doesn’t seem possible but California is the 2nd largest user of gasoline in the world!


From Treehugger, check this out! Well, wonders never cease. Talk about a state that needs to wake up and smell the biofuels (except corn ethanol)!

Given all the news coverage about the rise of the Chinese economy, you could be forgiven for thinking that the world’s most populous country is hogging all the world’s resources, while the developed nations are fighting for scraps.

But, at least with transportation fuel, you’d be wrong. California alone uses more gasoline than any country in the world (except the US as a whole, of course). That means California’s 20 billion gallon gasoline and diesel habit is greater than China’s! (Or Russia’s. Or India’s. Or Brazil’s. Or Germany’s.) I thought California was the state that set the standard for Green! But China’s oil thirst is growing — to almost 20 billion gallons in 2007 and perhaps as early as this year, China’s 1.3 billion people will overtake California’s 37 million people in total gasoline and diesel usage.


One more choice statistic: gasoline usage in California has increased 50 percent, that’s 6.7 billion gallons, since 1988. Has there been anything close to a commensurate increase in quality of life here to accompany that rise in energy use?

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