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Bright Lights, Small City

[image credit] USA TODAY: A Current Pew Poll has revealed that 47% of Americans are not very satisfied with their cities (especially big cities) of residence and would prefer living elsewhere. City dwellers are more likely to dream of living somewhere else, and men in rural areas are far happier living there than women. Generally […]

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Chemically Green is Going Social

I’m proud to announce that Chemically Green is becoming increasingly more attuned to social media.  It’s a great way for me to keep up on news in green/biofuel arena.  In response, I’ve created a Twitter account so that you may keep a closer watch on Chemically Green and my latest posts.  Follow me on Twitter, […]

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The Inconvient Truth About Ethanol

What are the benefits from America selecting Ethanol as an alternative fuel? I always wonder who will read this information about ethanol and what the real truth and issues about mass producing ethanol will cost the American taxpayer, both short and long term. The American public needs to wake up and realize the race to […]

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