Attack of the Food Clones?


The FDA says that cloned food products may have entered the food chain.

Check out this LINK, FDA says cloned meats and milk o.k. for consumption by consumers.

EU not sure about safety of cloned animals. LINK

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Food and milk from the offspring of cloned animals may already have entered the U.S. food supply, the Food and Drug Administration said on Monday, but it would be impossible to know because there is no difference between cloned and conventional products.

The FDA said in January meat and milk from cloned cattle, swine and goats and their offspring were as safe to eat as products obtained from traditional animals. Before then, farmers and ranchers had followed a voluntary moratorium that prevented the sale of clones and their offspring.

Cloned animals in the food supply, What’s The Beef?

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Cloned offspring are in the food supply?

“It is theoretically possible” offspring from clones are in the food supply, said Siobhan DeLancey, an FDA spokeswoman. “I don’t know whether they are or not. I could imagine there are not very many of them.”

Many ranchers and dairy producers have already cloned animals for meat and milk production, but a voluntary moratorium initiated about five years ago by the FDA has largely kept them and their offspring out of grocery stores and restaurants.

However, ranchers say there is no doubt that some of the animals taken to slaughterhouses in the past couple of years have been fathered by clones.

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Even as the FDA unveiled its final rule, USDA asked in January for the cloning industry to prolong the ban on selling products from cloned animals during a “transition” period expected to last at least several months. That ban would not extend to meat and milk from the clone’s offspring.

Groups still protest using cloned offspring for food supply

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But a study released this month by the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology found that 64 percent of Americans are uncomfortable with animal cloning and that 43 percent believe food from clones is unsafe.

Safety isn’t the only concern among consumers. Carol Tucker Foreman, director of the Food Policy Institute at the Consumer Federation of America, based in Washington, said the primary issue is that the food should be labeled so consumers can avoid products derived from clones if they wish.

Critics still contend not enough is known about the technology to ensure it is safe, and they also say the FDA needs to address concerns over animal cruelty and ethical issues. “It worries me that this technology is out of control in so many ways,” said Charles Margulis, a spokesman with the Center for Environmental Health. The possibility of offspring being in the food supply “is just another element of that,” he said.

Some meat processors say will not process cloned animals.

Despite the backing from FDA, major food companies including Tyson Foods Inc, the largest U.S. meat company, and Smithfield Foods, Inc. have said they would avoid using cloned animals because of safety concerns.

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4 Responses to Attack of the Food Clones?

  1. Adam September 4, 2008 at 8:58 pm #

    Thanks for this great article. Cloning, along with G.M.O. Crops are something that everyone needs to know about. May I suggest looking up Monsanto? I heard an interview with CEO Hugh Grant and they guy convinced me that his company is one of the most unethical out there.

    Alter the Eco and keep up the good work,


  2. September 8, 2008 at 1:00 pm #

    @Adam: Thanks for you comments. Monsanto has been unethical about a lot of other chemical projects as well.
    Companies that say they are not going to use cloned animals. Wonder how they are going to know that cloned animals have not passed into their processing systems? When cloning hits big time, and becomes economical to use on a full time basis, what keeps a company from shipping cloned animals without letting anyone know?

  3. Bobby Dalbeck September 17, 2010 at 7:51 pm #

    It is cool that you posted about this. I found you on yahoo and I had been searching for info about this. Nice blog, thanks for the info. I will return to check for new updates


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