What? Only 51% Say Global Warming is Already Happening?


Some economists and OPEC are saying that crude oil could possible hit $200.00 a barrel as oil continues to set record prices on a regular basis. The president of OPEC, Chalkib Kheilil,wants OPEC to continue pumping oil at current production, even though the U.S. and Europe has requested OPEC to increase oil output.

Unfortunately, these pleas have fallen on deaf ears. I don’t think OPEC really cares about the rhetoric to increase oil production for the West and the rest of the world to ease fuel costs.

With crude oil going over the $120.00 a barrel, gasoline and food prices will continue to rise. I have often wondered when America’s attention will finally focus more closely on climate change and global warming. With continued high oil prices, increased food costs and economic problems (not entirely caused by crude oil), will these factors finally get our attention? By now, you would think these factors would have more Americans focusing on global warming and how much are the costs going to be to reduce or eliminate global warming.
But a recent Gallup poll, conducted March 8-11 indicates Americans have no more concern for global warming this year verses the same poll taken in 2007. Out of a list of 10 items titled “Worry about Environmental Problems”, global warming was 9th. Americans selected pollution of reservoirs, lakes and rivers as their number one worry.

Despite the enormous attention paid to global warming over the past several years, the average American is in some ways no more worried about it than in years past. There has been no consistent upward trend on worry about global warming going back for two decades. Additionally, only a little more than a third of Americans say that immediate, drastic action is needed in order to maintain life as we know it on the planet. But when asked about global warming, about 51% agreed that it is already happening, so in essence, half of the population does not think global warming is even here. That means half of America is still not on board with global warming.

Now is the time for the American public to realize changes have to be made to sustain a healthy environment. I am totally committed to the “climate change” cause only “if” a common sense approach backed up by truthful scientific data is utilized by industry and the federal government. We have to select the best methods to minimize climate change and Co2 reductions before billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers dollars are spent. If we select the wrong methods, we will end up spending dollars that give us only a minimum return on investment. Taxpayers, your money is being spent and will these funds take care of climate change? In Europe, the EU has spent billions to reduce Co2, but Co2 emmissions are on the rise and due to the high cost of oil, coal burning plants are being constructed to produce electritity. Now, tell me, this makes sense?

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