Grants and Funding Help Protect Australia’s Environment


Australia is home to some of the richest natural resources and treasures our planet has to offer. From the stunning diversity of the Great Barrier Reef to the desolate grandeur of the outback, there are countless treasures that need protecting. The Australian government has multiple programs that offer funding to encourage and support businesses and organizations in protecting the environment. Here are just a few of the dozens of programs available.

20 Million Trees

This program has allocated $50 million to work with communities towards the goal of planting 20 million trees by the year 2020 to “re-establish green corridors and urban forests”. The program includes competitive grants to help organizations plant trees.

Reef Trust Tender – Wet Tropics

This program is designed to target one of the greatest health risks to the Great Barrier Reef – nitrogen runoff from the wet tropics. This funding is specifically targeted towards helping sugar cane farmers become more efficient and reduce nitrogen discharge. Sugar cane farmers may submit an application to qualify for grant money.

NSW Irrigation Grants

The government recently opened a new round of grants available to help irrigators in NSW “modernise their on-farm irrigation infrastructure and return water to the environment”. The grant details, applications, and paperwork are available on the government website. The related program, “Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program in New South Wales” provides grant money to save water resources.

National Environmental Science Programme

This $142.5 million programme provides funding for world-class biodiversity and climate science research.

Business Grant Finder

Business.Gov.AU offers a grant finder for business to find grants which may be available to them. Visit the grant finder. Of the 408 grants currently listed, nearly 100 of them are for environmental issues. Available grants include the Sustainability Advantage Program in NSW to help businesses become more sustainable and the Farm Innovation Fund to help farmers mae improvements that will make their land healthier.

Working Together To Protect

These and many other grants provide a unique opportunity for the government, scientists, non-profits, and businesses to work together for the benefit of the environment. There are many natural resources that these programs can help to protect.

Twin Falls - Kakadu National Park(Source: Kumukulanui)

Kakadu National Park is a 20,000 square kilometre park that includes great biological diversity ad cultural heritage.

Great Barrier Reef(Source: Steve Evans)

The largest coral reef system in the world, The Great Barrier Reef is home to incredible biodiversity. The reef system includes nearly 3,000 individual reefs and nearly 1,000 islands, but has recently come under strain due to pollution and environmental issues.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta(Source: Paolo Rosa)

This world-famous 348-metre sandstone monolith is a unique and rich natural and cultural landmark.

Wattamolla Lagoon(Source: sydneydawg2006)

Royal National Park was Australia’s first national park, created in 1879. The park includes a wide variety of habitats, including heathland, rainforest, uplands, valleys, mangroves, salt marsh, and tidal pools.

The Road to Fraser Island(Source: matlacha)

Fraser Island, part of Great Sandy National Park, is the largest sand island in the world. One of the unique features found on this island is rainforests growing on sand.

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