The Richest State That Nobody Knows About: North Dakota

How would you like to live in a state with 2.8% unemployment, a 1 billion dollar budget surplus, and a GDP that’s 29% above the national average? After the economic downturn of 2009, it’s hard to believe that those economic conditions exist anywhere in the U.S., but they do… in North Dakota. You’re probably searching […]

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energy loss from windows

Tips to Reduce Energy Loss from Home Windows

Windows are one of the most important features of a home, allowing in much-needed natural light and fresh air while also allowing homeowners to enjoy the scenery of their surroundings without leaving the climate-controlled comfort of the indoors.

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solar sail

Green Transportation of Tomorrow

A few years ago, HOV lanes, cleaner-running engines and metro rail systems were cutting edge innovations to reduce emissions from an increasing number of cars on the roads. Today, however, it is apparent that yesterday’s solutions are not sufficient for tomorrow’s pollution problems. Green has become smarter, leaner and more aggressive. While we do not […]

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summer energy consumption conservation

Summer Energy Consumption Statistics Analyzed [Infographic]

Just a few short months ago temperatures started their cyclical rise and air conditioners began blasting icy-cold relief all across the nation. Though summer may be coming to a close and fall’s crisp temperatures are slowly bringing down the insufferable heat, it’s the perfect time to look back on how energy consumption stacks up in […]

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Five Weird Energy Sources

Smokestacks, turbines – these are the commonly accepted tokens of energy production. However, do you ever wonder what else is out there? This infographic presented by SaveOnEnergy takes a look at five non-traditional energy sources. Check it out below to learn more.

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