Bureau of Land Management Lifts Ban on New Solar Power Plants



If you want to get heard in Washington, all you have to do is get enough people to stand up and make a lot of noise on a major issue, and something is going to happen! Case in point: The BLM, the Bureau of Land Management, placed a moratorium just a few days ago for 2 years on any new solar plant startups.

For some background info see our recent post: Coal and Oil are Making Us Sick.

Well, the moratorium was dropped today by the BLM. A salute to all the bloggers who posted on the moratorium and the public outcry that was made for dropping the 2 year moratorium. Check out these two articles:

Government lifts solar project ban on public lands

From the article: Companies planning to build huge solar power plants in the desert will be able to file new applications to use federal lands after the Bureau of Land Management reversed its position on the issue Tuesday. The BLM had imposed a two-year moratorium on new land claims…

From the Boston Globe:

WASHINGTON—The government said Wednesday it is calling off a recently announced moratorium on applications to build solar plants on public lands. The Bureau of Land Management made the announcement after public opposition to its original decision, reached at the end of May.

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