How to Stop Junk Mail And Get a Tree Planted


If you are like me, you know that junk mail (I’m talking ‘snail mail’ here) is bad for your mailbox and even worse for the environment. is a new website that will pay you a $1.00, or plant a tree on your behalf (free), when you sign up for their new “green” junk mail removal service. Only the first 5 million people to sign up will receive the $1.00 promotion.


As we all are aware of, the problem with junk mail is that trees are being depleted for paper. The processing of paper also uses natural resources, such as water, tons of energy, emits Co2 and creates disposal issues for hazardous chemicals used in the process. The end result means most junk mail will be trashed and taken to a landfill disposal facility compounding the problem.


This website is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to make a real difference for our environment! Everyone can make a green difference, while at the same time controlling junk mail AND getting a tree planted. So now everyone that signs up for this service will have their own special “Earth Day”.

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