Superbugs: How We’re Making Harmful Bacteria Stronger with Antibiotics


When you think of a superbug, you probably think of something like a giant beetle. However, superbugs exist inside of your body as bacteria that has survived an antibiotic attack. These bacteria can become extremely dangerous to the human body, and possibly even fatal. The problem is that doctors are being way too liberal in their administration of antibiotic treatment, using the medication for ailments such as ear and sinus infections. Common infections that aren’t life threatening will often heal on their own in time, so the use of antibiotics on these patients might not be worth the risk.

In this infographic presented by, the issue surrounding antibiotics is discussed in further detail. By following some of the health tips provided at the bottom, you will be able to dramatically reduce your risk of developing any illness that would result in antibiotic treatment and lower your exposure to potentially life-threatening bacteria.

antibiotics effect on superbugs

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