Sustainable Technology & Rare Earth Elements


Technology is our savior and without it many of us would be lost. It provides us with everything we need in modern life and speeds up the way we go about daily tasks. Over the past decade we’ve watched the progression of mobile phone technology develop from relatively simple devices into incredibly advanced gadgets that offer us nearly every function imaginable. We have also seen the same level of progress in laptops and televisions.

Due to such rapid enhancements in mobile technology, many consumers strive to own the latest models but fail to dispose of the outdated gadgetry in an environmentally acceptable manner. Few even consider recycling old, unwanted electrical devices.

While this burgeoning technology is wonderful for business and personal lives, it is rapidly depleting our planet’s resources and, with such little effort required to recycle our devices, humankind definitely runs a high risk of exhausting the supply of elements required to produce such cutting edge technology.

Infographic by VoucherCloud


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