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America and China and India, Oh My!

India’s Auto Expo, Picture Credit: Swapan22sadar’s photostream The economic consensus has been that China and India could withstand an economic slowdown in America because of their booming economies. China and India have been depending on America for their economies to keep running strong. Gee, do you think that as Americans’ hunger for goods from these […]

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Dangerous Dairy from China

Got Melamine? Picture Credit:fear_a_gnome Chinese Food Products (Containing Chinese Milk) and Chinese Milk Products Banned by FDA from Entering the U.S. China must not think much of its trading partners as the U.S. purchases billions of dollars per year of Chinese goods and food products. Imported foods containing Chinese milk products are hazardous to our […]

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Has the Ethanol Boom Run Out of Gas?

VeraSun files for bankruptcy! News Flash: VeraSun, one of the largest ethanol producers announces filing for bankruptcy protection. From the Los Angles Times: VeraSun Energy Corp., the second-largest U.S. ethanol producer, filed for bankruptcy protection after making bad hedging bets on corn, a raw material used to make the fuel. The petition for Chapter 11 […]

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Don’t Be Duped! U.S. Government lying about $700 Billion Bail Out?

Green but not Forgotten. Federal Government is Duping the American Taxpayer on the $700 Billion Bailout! Bail Out or Rescue? Picture Credit: BigBird3 New Definition of Affordable Housing? Taxpayers paying for people’s houses who’s inhabitants cannot make their house payments because they could not afford payments in the first place.! Our tax dollars are bieng […]

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Is U.S Going Broke or Is Cash Still King?

Picture Credit: Jabberer Little Interest in Green as Americans stay focused on the current U.S. financial crisis. Well, it seems there has been little headline news about global warming, green issues and green fuel alternatives this week as the financial crisis unwinds and the fallout has started. The “gang of 20” (a group of so-called […]

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