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Lend Me Some Sugar, I’m an Addict!

An interesting article on sugar and its addictive nature was just released from Princeton University and the evidence is startling. Is sugar as addictive as cocaine?  The answer is a resounding yes, based on recent released data on sugar and addiction. It all starts with Corn. The processing of corn yields high fructose corn syrup, […]

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California Dreamin’…of Clean Air

More People Dying in California from Polluted Air than Killed in Automobile Accidents! Air Pollution in Southern California, Picture Credit: Infinite Wilderness The state of California struggles with the economic slowdown and is looking for billions of dollars in the current bailout by the government as poor air quality continues to stagnate the so called […]

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Want to Save the Planet? Stop Flushing!

A Classic Australian Dunny, Picture Credit: MurfoMurf Are we all really doing our part to save the planet? Not according to Mr. Jack Sims, founder of the World Toilet Organisation at a recent World Toilet Summit in Australia as he said “the concept of flushing is not sustainable.” Mr Sims also said “a culture where […]

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Attack of the Food Clones?

The FDA says that cloned food products may have entered the food chain. Check out this LINK, FDA says cloned meats and milk o.k. for consumption by consumers. EU not sure about safety of cloned animals. LINK WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Food and milk from the offspring of cloned animals may already have entered the U.S. […]

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Global Warming May Cause Kidney Stones?

Having trouble with kidney stones? They can really be painful. Global warming may be causing increased cases of kidney stones because of increased temperatures and people not drinking enough water. Check out this article, not to mention this video on William Shatner’s Kidney Stone. Check this out: CNBC gets in on the reporting action. Bottom […]

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