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Tips To Help You Recycle More [Infographic]

Chances are you are throwing out a lot of extra stuff that could be recycled if only you knew how to do it. Those CFL bulbs should never go in the trash, but you can recycle them at many home improvement stores. On the other hand, you might be tossing things into the recycle bin […]

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Why Your Resolution Should Be To Drink More Water [Infographic]

Did you know that only a quarter of all Americans are getting the recommended minimum amount of water each day? Your body needs water, and without it you can have headaches, brain fog, and numerous other maladies. You are literally killing yourself faster by not drinking enough water. Drink more water this year and watch […]

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How The Fashion Industry Is Killing The Earth [Infographic]

Would it surprise you to learn that fashion is the second leading polluter in the world behind the oil industry? Lots of agri-chemicals go into the production of cloth, and synthetic dyes make up 20% of the world’s industrial pollution. Making small adjustments like using natural dyes and recycled materials can make a huge difference!

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Cannabis Is Medicine [Infographic]

People have been using cannabis as medicine for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. There are many different ways to use cannabis and it can be used to treat a variety of maladies. Patients have found relief from migraines, chronic pain, inflammation, and even severe forms of epilepsy. Learn more about how cannabis is helping […]

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Combating Climate Change With Green Tech [Infographic]

Nearly 7% of the power produced in the U.S. comes from hydroelectric sources, and nearly 5% comes from wind. Less than 1% comes from solar and geothermal combined. The majority of energy still comes from coal, natural gas, and nuclear sources. Learn how improvements in green technology may soon turn the tides from this infographic!

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Free Your Mind With LSD [Infographic]

LSD has been around a long time but it has never been fully studied. It was developed in 1938 to treat psychiatric disorders, but after it became widely used recreationally it was outlawed completely. Now scientists are starting to turn their attention back to LSD, studying its true effects on the brain and looking for […]

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What You Need To Know About Food Labeling [Infographic]

Food labels have undergone a chance recently, but there is still some significant information missing from them. As of yet, there are no nationwide laws regarding labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms, and that’s just for starters. There can be hidden GMOs in things that contain Lecithin, Glucose, or Malodextrin. Learn more about food labels from […]

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